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We are Thankful for YOU. Visions to Reality!

Have a very happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to share our gratitude for you. We at The Andrea Group are thinking of you and wish you all the best during this special time. Take a moment to align yourself by remembering a few things that make you grateful.

Tapping into the feeling of the things that are working for you is a way to boost your mood, your productivity and abundance of opportunities. Have you focused on the fearful events of 2020? Has this affected your professional productivity, leadership or flow of new clients?

While staying informed is important, staying vibrationally aligned to your happiest moments and most enjoyable interactions with your clients will draw to you more happy moments, amazing client interactions and ultimately resonate within you a more effective way to reach your goals.

The world is a big, beautiful, spherical playground of good experiences...if you choose to focus on the abundance and prosperity that is here for you.

Visualization: Take a moment every morning to visualize the most enjoyable moments of the past week. Sit with the vision and tap into how you feel when you travel in your mind to that time. Connect your thoughts to a tense spot in your body, maybe it's your shoulders, neck or back. Now visualize flowing that feeling of the best moments of your last week through to that tense spot to dissipate the tense energy stored in your body. Don't forget to breathe deeply and exhale.

YOU. Visions to Realty!


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