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2021 Meta-Vation Monday Week 3, Release Negativity

Have your circumstances that are unexpected thrown you off of your best-laid plans? Relocating, health issues or the loss of a loved one?

During difficult times, many old patterns such as negative thinking might pop up and affect your progress.

All of these adversities are part of our human journey, even when they bring pain and hardship. They also can bring great wisdom and strength you didn't know you could turn on as gifts to carry you through your next chapter.

Stay tuned into our series of 15 of the proactive tools you can use when obstacles arise.

Getting a fresh thought in your mind, instead of drifting to old patterns of negativity, can boost your ability to get back on track after an adversity or challenge. Realize that life is full of uncontrollable circumstances.

The only thing you can control are your thoughts and responses, no one else. Stop trying to resist and release negative thoughts. The negative thoughts will come up. Acknowledge them, then send them on their way.

Picture the worst scenario you've built up in your mind, hedge against it emotionally, financially and physically and after you've done that, let it go.


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