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Andrea Masucci

Chief Executive Luminary


Visions to Reality!
About Us

Once upon a time, I chose to work with Fortune 100 companies, Top 100 investment firms, and executive clients in financial services.   I was a part of the investment and corporate enterprise army.


Yet, each day, it seemed our clients' desires came second to executive circular blowing winds out of alignment.


One day I saw an amazing opportunity to tap in to a new direction on a journey of flow and ease. What if I could have fun creating clarity, the clarity of strategy, that I craved?  Could I create clarity that would set your mission ablaze, create abundant revenue, and resonate #REZON8 within you? 


Most important, will your teams, brand, and value REZON8 within your clients? 

I discovered a creative universal field where the realm of all possibilities exists and from it, I encountered resonance of the right people showing up for me at the right time to curate a vibrant tribe of dynamic and passionately curious visionaries to ignite my years of experience in branding, design, and marketing.


It felt as if I were awakening.  Over the next few weeks, their energy glowed with radiance, gleaming in harmony with my visions. Their melodies harmonized into a vibration that I could no longer ignore, a vibration to REZON8 within me.


I had been given to the light in order to share it with others.

I tuned into their vibration.  I tapped into the frequency that tickled my spirit in a fun and energetic dance. I allowed myself to REZON8 with my purpose to align clarity and ease.


That dance would later become the frequency and energy I was craving to play with and bring forth through me to the world, turning on their light to create abundant results.

From this harmonious frequency, a spherical and symmetrical pattern emerges.


Proved by physicist and musician,  Ernst Chladni, The Andrea Group logo, a Chladni Pattern, symbolizes resonance with our clients and their customers. 

Forming our Agile Network Pods for branding, design,  marketing services and social media consultants allows those that align from within to transform YOU.  Visions to Reality!

Resonate #rezon8
The Andrea Group

Resonate #rezon8

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