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2021 Meta-Vation Monday Week 1, The Power of Intention

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Have your circumstances, that are unexpected, thrown you off of your best-laid plans? Relocating, health issues or the loss of a loved one?

During difficult times, many old patterns such as negative thinking might pop up and affect your progress.

All of these adversities are part of our human journey, even when they bring pain and hardship. They also can bring great wisdom and strength that you didn't know you could turn on as gifts to carry you through your next chapter.

To prevent you from getting stuck when your plans change, use the power of intention. Set an intention that you have the courage and strength to get through the difficult time. Remind yourself that you are tuned into your higher self that knows the circumstances will pass, and on the other side, your higher power is connected to you.


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