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7 Graphic Design Trends That Will Resonate in 2021

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

With so many changes over the past year all over the world, brands haven’t been able to take advantage of too many risks this year. 2020 will forever be known as a year of unexpected, unbelievable challenges. Tuning into the opportunity of our Next New Normal, the vibration that now resonates in visual harmony for brand identity and design are old favorites. Think stable, easy and serene classics that now will be fresh, clean and new again for 2021.

Brand designers are seeking a sense of calm and positivity to simplify the perception of the chaotic world around us.

Themes that are outdated and no longer serve us are bold, bright and primary colored designs. While many brand logos will remain bold with top brands, think Coke, Starbucks or Google, palettes for individual advertising campaigns will shift to (#1) muted tones.

What will remain bold are (#2) geometrics and (#3) simple data visualizations to convey the complex in an easy to understand flash.

(#4) Icons will rise up in place of words to become a powerful way to communicate in a visually undistracted, we call tapped in, way on social media graphics and website design.

On the font design world, the (#5) classic serif fonts are returning to the spotlight creating a sense of timelessness and familiarity.

How can you create a longer message than a single image post on social media ? The answer is using a (#6) slide deck. Becoming ever more popular because of the algorithms used to promote them on social justice, political and wellness campaigns, we will see a brand new revival of the old school power point transformed into short slide decks.

Tapping into videos, we will see (#7) text heavy content as we continue to work remote and find new ways to communicate in a clean effective way without having to spend money on a full production crew.

YOU are ready for a brand design refresh! At The Andrea Group, our digital design agile network pod tunes into what resonates with your clients.


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