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The Andrea Group Luminaries Lighting Up Your Energy

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Once upon a time, I was proud to choose to work with a Fortune 100 company, Top 100 investment firms and elite clients. Each day we put diligent, hard work and effort into building something that would impact our community of clients. I was a part of the investment and corporate enterprise army. Yet, each day, it seemed our clients desires came second to a new set of goals created by multiple circular blowing winds out of alignment that would find its way to my inbox, piling up into projects that would be cancelled before completion due to re-organization.

Climbing fearlessly and conquering the battle, one day I saw an amazing opportunity to tap in to a new direction on a journey of flow and ease. What if I could have fun creating clarity, the clarity of strategy that I craved? Could I create clarity that would set your mission ablaze and create abundant results that would REZON8 with you?

I discovered a creative universal field where the realm of all possibilities exists and from it I encountered synchronicity of the right people at the right time showing up for me to curate a vibrant tribe of dynamic and passionately curious visionaries to ignite my years of experience.

It felt as if I were awakening, being called by them with a siren song to a small, still and flickering light telling me to let go. Over the next few weeks their light glowed with radiance like no other, blazing and gleaming in harmony to the impulses of my visions. Their melodies harmonized into a vibration that I could no longer ignore.

I had been given to the light in order to share it with others.

I felt small and overwhelmed not knowing what to do first.

Finally, I remembered who I am and I allowed the resistance to their light and song to dissipate and I tuned into their voices. I tapped into the harmony of their vibration that tickled my spirit in a fun and energetic dance. I allowed myself to REZON8 with my purpose to align beauty and ease.

That dance would later become the impact I was craving to play with and bring forth through me to the world, turning on their light to create abundant results that REZON8 within every pure, positive encounter for you, your clients and The Andrea Group.


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