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Attracting Guest Speakers For 2021 Webisodes

We can't wait to introduce you in 2021! Subscribe on our website at for a guest spot on our upcoming webisode!

Only open to the first 200 likes and follows who also DM us.

We are so excited about our 2021 Webisode season full of collaboration with YOU. Visions to Reality!

Other collaborators charge up to $59 for an opportunity to cross promote. This is an aligned collaboration where we focus on YOU.

Resonate with us and DM us, include your topic of choice and which Tuesday February- April works for you must register here after you like and follow.

An email with instructions on how to connect your favorite topic and details on dates and times will be sent.

Let the Tuned In, Tapped In and Turned on best version of yourself resonate with our Instagram audience.

Thanks for supporting us on our journey of growth, clarity and ease! See you in February!





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