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Music to Be Murdered By

How will you astonish your audience with your next ad campaign? The answer can be found in a brilliant campaign stunt today in the music industry. The release of the surprise album by rapper, Eminem, "Music to Be Murdered By --- Side B,"

Whether or not you're an Eminem fan, this campaign followed an easy equation, "Ask for forgiveness, not permission." according to Rebekah Smart-Bekken, an Ibiza based ex-tech-marketing guru turned ‘Audience Queen’ working with musicians on digital marketing and strategy.

Let's take a look at the marketing strategy behind a very shocking marketing campaign that resonated all over the news today.

The 3 elements of Surprise-release marketing are step by step for you to follow.

Give Something Unexpected

Like a child on Christmas morning, everyone loves a surprise. Fill your customers with resonance of joy at the surprise that you give. No matter what it is, a free subscription, a digital download or a preview of a webisode. You will be the Santa Clause of their moment and make them feel valued.

In the case of today's release, Eminem offers an apology to Rihanna over decade-old lyrics about Chris Brown that leaked in 2019.

Surprise Announcements

Exclusive Sales

Giving your top fans a code which entitles them to a sneak preview or discounted price for a product or service that will give that exclusive feel.

Everyone loves a surprise and this is no exception to the anticipation that a potential surprise can turn on revenue for your clients.

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