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Part 1: 7 Key Components of Your Brand Identity For 2021

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Today, you are ready to co- create resonance with your clients. A fun, lightning fast way to tap in, tune in, tap in and turn on revenue for your business.

YOU. Are ready to resonate with your customers. #rezon8. YOU. Visions to Reality!

We live in a digital world. Brand identity is now more important than ever. From your internal training presentations, social media strategy, digital advertising strategy, your product packaging and online advertising, your brand identity matters more now than ever.

When you hear the first of Seven Key Components of Your Brand Identity in 2021, think about resonance with your clients. Why is that important?

There are going to be big winners and losers in 2021. The winners will turn on resonance with their clients, update their brand identity and increase their revenue. The losers…. will see branding as confusing or not important because it's difficult for them to see the tangible benefits.

Operating without a brand strategy, or one that was created and not updated for more than 5 years, is a recipe for accepting anything. Even Intel updated their brand in 2020.

Businesses that don’t have a brand identity strategy will suffer lost opportunity and worse, massive extinction

Think about the tapped in, tuned in, turned on future version of your business. Your new brand identity will resonate with your ideal clients allowing you to increase revenue by 20% or more.

You’re going to attract more customers that share glowing reviews about you. Your customers will see you as an important part of their life.

Here is the first, and possibly the most important, of seven tips for aligning your brand strategy in this series. Don't skip these steps and pay enough attention to the answers of these questions that resonate with your company.

#1. When developing a brand identity strategy, identify three core components of your business to use as a blueprint for marketing tactics

Purpose: This explains why you are in business and the specific customer needs you fulfill.

Consistency: Be able to define what allows you to provide your services day in and day out.

Emotional Impact: This is what helps form a bond or a connection between you and your customers. A brand strategy should develop this impact and build upon it.

Next we will look at the insights of the second key component of Your Brand Identity For 2021 in our next blog, "Why Brand Identity Is Important."

Want to know more about how your business can make the biggest deal ever in 2021? Stay tuned In to our upcoming 5 minute Spark webisodes where we discuss the 2021 Trends in Marketing Strategy for businesses to resonate revenue. #rezon8.

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What else is in store for 2021? Well, who can know. We do know YOU are ready to tune in, tap in and turn on these key components for your business brand identity strategy to increase your revenue.

We know YOU are ready to resonate with your customers.

The Andrea Group agile network brand design pod and internet marketing services pod are ready to turn on 20% more revenue for 2021. YOU. Visions to Reality!


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